iTag lets you keep a connection to your phone through our app, and be alerted when they move out of range. It can protect your phone, wallet, baggage and laptop from being missing. By enabling the location tracking feature, the app can also track the location where you last saw an iTag. And you can set your preference in the app, such as iTag sensitivity, sound types, and alarm volume.

Product Specifications

Bluetooth® wireless technology Version: BT 4.0 Find Me Profile 4.0: Yes Proximity Profile 4.0: Yes Battery Service 4.0: Yes TX Power Service 4.0: Yes Phone Alert Status Profile 4.0: Yes Alert Notification Profile 4.0: Yes


56mmx35mmx4mm Accessories CR2025 battery: 1pcs Lanyard: Yes Device compatibility iPhone4s/iPhone5/iPad3/iPad mini Sound Buzzer: Yes

Q & A

1. My iTag sometimes beeps when my phone sit close with iTag.

Please remove any obstacles in between and set the “Distance Sensitivity” in the application to the green region.

2. How to charge the battery of the iTag?

1. Use a screw driver to remove the screw on the iTag.

2. Pull the battery holder and replace a new CR2025 battery.

3. I can’t pair up my iTag with my phone.

The followings steps will guide you along the pairing process. Please download the application from the Apple Appstore by searching “iTag Finder” before moving on.

  1. Please enable Bluetooth in your phone. You can toggle the functionality in “Setting” of your phone. If you had paired any iTags with the phone before and it is listed as “iTag Finder” in the Device list, please forget the device before moving on.
  2. Please power off the iTag by pressing the side button (you can toggle the On/Off state of the iTag accordingly). Then, please press and hold the “Pair” button at the back of the iTag. You will hear “Beep Beep…” and the LED will flash when the iTag is in pairing mode.
  3. Please open the application by pressing the app’s icon and press “Pair” button to complete the process.